Removal of Unwanted Weeds, Brush & Grass from your Yard.

State of the art technology, trained professionals & unmatched service at your disposal.

Vaisakh Brushcutter Rentals offers weed removal / control services at your backyard,rubber estate,coconut plantation,banana farm and high range farmland.We employ heavy duty brush cutters and site specific machinery to deal with the situation.Our machines are environment friendly equipments that wont pollute your yard / plantation.We do not use any chemical or weedicide.All we do is mechanical weed removal using machinery.

Our Customer Care Office is located at Para Junction, Nooranad of Alappuzha District.Call us on 9947202625 for signing us up on your yard.Our Customer Relationship Executive will listen to your needs. Trained machine operators of Vaisakh Weed Clearing Service will visit your premises with heavy duty equipments to make life difficult for weeds and thick bushes.